Check Now: NJFP Announces Complete List of 20,000 Shortlisted Fellows

The full list of the 20,000 NJFP candidates who have been shortlisted is being shared by the NJFP Management with pleasure. The pool from which Fellows are matched and accepted by host organizations is provided by the list.

The employment firm Jobberman independently reviewed the applications, verified the documents, and created a long list of applicants as part of the application screening process..

The process that lead to the final shortlisting of 20,000 by Jobberman included the following:

The most recent information on NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment for November 2022

1. Review of the applications, which included document verification and the generation of a long list of applicants to identify those who complied with the requirements.

2. Executing crucial assessments 
A total of 118,600 people completed all submission instructions, satisfying the minimum standards. 

The evaluations included:

a. Candidates for the test are subjected to cognitive tests.

b. verbal and quantitative thinking.

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Only 89.000 people took the cooperative assessments, according to NJFP Management
To determine a candidate's current level of soft skills and up-skill them, soft skills exams and training are used.

3. Ranking: Candidates were divided into 4 groups based on their performances:

a. Newcomer
b Intermediate
c. Sophisticated and
d. Expertise

top performance 
In order to ensure gender equity and national distribution, 20,000 applications were chosen across the 4 categories. 

10,000 men and 10,000 women were chosen from 36 states and the FCT. 

View the uploaded document with names below.

How to verify the list

Visit this website: https://www.njfp.ng/files/20kJFP_List.pdf  to view the list of 20,000 fellows who have been pre-selected and are awaiting matching.

Check Now, NJFP Announces Complete List of 20,000 Shortlisted Fellows
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