Cassava flakes, often known as garri, are a common staple meal in Nigeria and one of the main sources of carbs.

Throughout Nigeria, people enjoy this traditional delicacy, which is typically paired with milk, sugar, or other ingredients.

Consequently, if you've ever questioned what makes consuming Garri healthy, here are few reasons:

Losing weight: Garri is a good choice if you're attempting to shed some pounds. Garri is a starchy food, but despite that, it has little calories and a high fiber content that will keep you feeling full for a longer time. decreasing the constant desire to eat a lot of food

digestion is made easier by garri's ability to absorb poisons that enter the intestines. Your gut health may afterwards benefit from this. Pour milk and water over garri to blend the two effects. That is, the vitamins in garri combined with the vitamins in milk produce a potent combination.

If you have HIV, you can also use garri to cure diarrhea.

In order to achieve perfection after a bad meal, combine it with water and drink it twice daily.

Good eyesight: Garri's vitamin A and bakarotennya contents can help you maintain good eye health and assist you avoid going blind in the future.

Energy booster: Soaking garri in water can help to deliver some energy, which promotes a healthy lifestyle.. In cold water, it also lowers body temperature, which is beneficial in hot weather.

So, in my dream last night, I was sipping garri.


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