Petroleum & Natural Gas
Senior Staff Association Of Nigeria  (PENGASSAN) National Essay Competition 2022

About The Competition

The PENGASSAN National Essay Competition is a stimulating, encouraging and social responsibility initiative of PENGASSAN to drive the development of creative writing amongst secondary school students. It is billed to generate interest in writing amongst secondary school students at a time when many are being dissuaded from academic and writing proficiency. It is a strategic initiative to drive creativity, deep reflective and critical thought, and increase in the ability to leverage yet unexplored areas of our day-to-day life.

Essay writing is a tool to help students learn how to formulate and defend their own arguments and improve their overall writing skills. Furthermore, it serves as a tool to improve communication and creativity, sharpen memory, and improve health and wellbeing. Writing is also important in improving self-expression and helps in deep and critical thinking. By writing, a student becomes a better writer.

Registration & Submission Opens September 22nd 2022
Registration & Submission Closes October 5th 2022
Date for Live Essay (Phase 2)October 12th 2022
Award PresentationOctober 19th 2022

The main aim of the PENGASSAN National Essay Competition is to develop interest in literacy by exposing participants to the benefits and rewards of excellent writing. It passes the message that you can be successful as a writer. Writing is a skilled and valued profession, and we want to drive this social awareness amongst secondary school students. Some of the most celebrated and successful Nigerians are writers. Examples are the late Chinua Achebe, Prof Wole Soyinka and Chimamanda Adichie. We want to use this competition as a stimulus to develop the desire and encourage students to write.

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This competition will enable students engage their creative abilities and writing skills and hence grow and develop their writing abilities, and dream beyond winning an essay competition. Through this essay competition, PENGASSAN wants to inspire a new set of teen writers who would go on to dominate the world stage.

The competition's essay topics by category

(Category 1)

Stage 1: Clean Energy for a better, greener future in Nigeria

(Category 2)
Stage 1: The effects of non-functional refineries on Nigeria's energy utilization

Winners will be awarded prizes based on their category

₦ 500,000

₦ 1,000,000
Register & Apply

₦ 300,000

₦ 500,000
Register & Apply

₦ 200,000

₦ 300,000

(4th - 6th Position)

₦ 100,000

₦ 100,000


Competition Guidelines, eligibility, and method of delivery

Organized by

Method of Delivery

The entire competition will be held online.

All interested participants are required to register and submit entries on the website. Registration and submission will take place simultaneously. Registration and submission of entries must not exceed stated end date as website will cease to accept submissions afterwards. All participants will write hand-written essays and submit electronically based on the given topics.

In respect to age ranges for the 2 categories, participants are required to submit a copy of their birth certificate for verification.

After scoring, our judges will select the 18 most successful candidates in each category (3 from each geopolitical zone). Success will be determined by our pre-determined scoring criteria.

These selected candidates will then partake in a live online essay writing competition. The winners from this live essay competition will be rewarded according to performance. The categories of winners are

1st place
2nd place
3rd place
4th - 6th places

Rules & Regulations

Both categories will be allotted different topics to write upon.
Co-authorship is not allowed.
Interested participants must be a JSS 1 or SSS1 by the start date of the new 2022/2023 academic session.

Age categorization:
JS 1 - must be between 10 - 12 years old
SS 1 - must be between 14 - 16 years old

Ages below and above each age rage are not eligible to apply even while being in the respective class.

Participants are expected to reside in one of the 36 states or the Federal Capital of Nigeria. Thus, the essay will be open to participants from every state in each geopolitical zone.

Overseas participation is not permitted.

The Essay competition will be handwritten.
The language of the essay judgment should be in English.
There are 2 categories for this competition:

Category 1: JS 1 students (new intakes)

Category 2: SS 1 students (resuming students)

The Word limit for both categories are:

SS1: 450 Words

JS1: 200 Words

Stage 1


Stage 2

There are 2 stages in the competition.

Stage 1 is the general stage where every participant for each category submits an essay based on our given topics for grading. Each participant is required to research his or her topic and write accordingly. Please note that plagiarism is an automatic disqualification. Participants have a total of 2 weeks in this stage. Check important dates for timelines.

Students interested in participating shall be required to register and submit their handwritten essay online between 22 September - 5 October, 2022 after which registration closes.

PENGASSAN is the acronym for Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria. As a foremost union in the most important sector in the country’s economy, accounting for more than 90% of the country’s exports and 80% of the Federal Government’s revenue, we shoulder a huge responsibility in national development.

We are currently affiliated to the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUCN) and Industri-All Global Union. The Industri-All Global Union is located in Geneva, Switzerland.


Petroleum and Natural Gas  Senior Staff Association Of Nigeria National Essay Competition 2022
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