15 Questions to Ask Yourself before Starting a New YouTube

1. What is my purpose for starting a YouTube channel?

2. Who is my target audience?

3. What type of content do I enjoy creating?

4. What type of content does my target audience enjoy?

5. What unique perspective or value can I bring to my content?

6. What equipment do I need to produce high-quality content?

7. How often will I upload new content to my channel?

8. What social media platforms will I use to promote my videos?

9. What is my budget for promoting my channel?

10. Who are my competitors and how can I differentiate myself?

11. How will I handle negative comments or feedback?

12. Will I monetize my channel? If so, what is my plan for earning revenue?

13. How will I track the success of my channel?

14. Will I collaborate with other creators? If so, who?

15. How will I engage with my audience and build a community around my channel?

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