What was your most difficult and traumatic childhood experience?

No successful person is without a story, even those born with a silver spoon. Some people grow up with a lot of struggle, challenges, and difficulties, but things are getting better now or things have changed. Some of the stories are:


1. Things were better growing up; all of a sudden, Dad was stopped from working, and things got worse and worse. I couldn't buy text books, I could not pay school fees, I could not even have a three square meal, and I could not change my school uniform. Friends I have then stated to disassociate themselves from me. Things were just too bad and awkward.


2. I was born into an average family where we struggled to eat to the extent that children assisted their mom or dad by hawking away to be able to eat and provide those necessities in the family, i.e. food, house rent, school fees, and many more. I barely have rich friends. I usually envy them most of the time. I live the live of catering for myself growing up, it was not a good experience. I was a victim of rape at my tender age.


3. I lived a good life growing up. My Dad and Mom could afford anything I asked of them, and I was going to one of the best schools in the country. I have everything a child should have, but I live in a family without love. My dad always beats my mom. I grow up thinking its even a normal thing that husband should beat wife when she's wrong. I used to be dramatized, and it affected my upbringing and my performance in school even until now, but thank God for the man I grew into.

LET’S TALK!! What was your most difficult and traumatic childhood experience?

🤔What was your most difficult and traumatic childhood experience
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